Small Scale Distributed Solar Project(SSDSP)

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1. Draft PPA for Small Scale Projects - 2019 View
1.1 Annexure-A of PPA View
2. Policy for developement of small scale distributed solar projects - 2019 View
2.1 Amend Policy for Development of SSDSP-2019 View
2.2 Amend Guidelines for implementation of policy for Development of SSDSP-2019 View
3. Format for Certificate of Practicing Chartered Accountant View
4. બાહેંધરી પત્ર land location SSDSP View
5. DGVCL Application form for grid connectivity View
6. DGVCL Connection Agreement View
7. DGVCL O&M Agreement View
8. DGVCL SSDSP check list View
9. Undertaking to be taken before granting connectivity for Conditional TFR of GETCO View
10. DGVCL Format of Performance Bank Guarantee View
11. DGVCL list of Acceptance of Bank Guarantee as SD and EMD View