Cash Incentive to Informants of Power Theft

An informant other than GEB employee, desiring to provide information of power theft /mal practice under the incentive scheme should provide the information as under:

By sending written application by post or in person in a confidential cover addressed to the SE Vigilance, clearly mentioning “Information of Power Theft under Cash Incentive Scheme” giving the details about the modus-operandi of theft ,time of indulging in theft ,consumer no., full address with a sketch of the location for easy approach. Complete address of the applicant should be given in the application for communication purpose.

If consumer information is correct then only he will be eligible for Cash Incentive. Depending upon the results of the information and final disposal of the case, the informant will be called for collecting the reward. He is required to come with the letter along with proof of his identity and residential address,etc. The payments in cash will be made to the informant by Vigilance Department in presence of other members. The signature of the informant , who receives the payment ,will be obtained on a voucher as a proof of having received the cash payment.

As per present scheme ,the reward to the informant is 10% of the actual realized amount subject to ceiling of Rs.10,000.