1. Near the point of supply safety equipments like Earth Leakage/ Overload & Short Circuit Protection (Circuit Breakers/Switches) must be installed.
2. At your premises proper Earthing must be DONE.
3. Switch off Electricity Supply When not required.
4. Use Proper Capacity of Fuse Wire in Main Switches.
5. For proper Voltage, install adequate Capacitors for Inductive Loads.
6. To avoid inconvenience due to disconnection, the energy bills must be regularly paid at DGVCL's authorized cash collection centers within the due date.
7. Always use ISI marked electrical equipments.
8. Through licensed electrical contractors cables of ISI mark and proper capacity must be used for installation.
9. Provide waterproof enclosures to meters and metering equipments, to ensure their safety.
10. Prefer only licensed electrical contractors for rectification of faults.
11. DGVCL authorities must be contacted for difficulties related to electricity supply.
12. Energy meter provided if found faulty; should be brought to the notice of DGVCL authorities immediately.
13. For service connection for Electricity, the form is available free of cost from the Section Office. All particulars must be entered in it.
14. For electricity supply connection, proper documents/records have to be furnished to prove the legal ownership or lawful occupation of premise, whichever is applicable.
15. Application may be delivered to the Section Office in person and proper acknowledgement must be obtained or sent to the section officer by registered post acknowledgement or by sending it to the Section Officer by registered post.
16. To avoid cancellation of application, pay security deposit and service connection charges before the specified date.
17. At the time of effecting supply for testing the installation and signing the report ensure that the licensed electrical winning contractor or his authorized representative is present in the premises.
18. For easy accessibility to the assessor for taking meter reading, the space for fixing the meter must be provided in the ground floor.
19. The space for fixing the meter, must be a cutout provided in the ground floor irrespective of the number of the floors.
20. Ensure that there is adequate capacity while additional loads like lights, fans, water-heaters, refrigerators, air-conditioners are connected. If the meter capacity is found inadequate the Section Officer must be contacted for higher capacity meter.
21. Electricity service connection must not be utilized for specified purpose.
22. DGVCL meter and other equipments must be safeguarded in the premises.
23. As per the Indian Electricity Rules 1956 (vide 79 & 80), construction of buildings must be with proper clearance from existing High Tension/Low Tension lines.
24. The applicant would have to bear the way-leave cost for running the lines if the building does not have adequate frontage and the line has to go through or over the adjoining premises of other owners.
25. For connections exceeding load of 4000 watts, supply must be converted from single-phase to three-phase.
26. To avoid electrical accidents observe safety precautions.
27. Faulty electrical fittings and appliances must be replaced promptly.
28. Electricity consumption bills and additional security deposit must be paid promptly at authorized cash counters.
29. To avoid rush on the last date, electricity consumption charges must be paid at the beginning of the month.
30. The DGVCL should have security deposit equivalent to 3 months. If a notice is issued for additional security deposit it must be paid within the due date to avoid disconnection of electricity supply.
31. In case of a disconnection for non-payment of bill, the amount due and reconnection charges may be paid.
32. A replacement for a healthy meter can be sought for, by bringing it to the notice of the Section Officer in writing if the meter is found to be defective and not in running condition.
33. To avoid leakage of electricity the internal wiring has to be checked periodically & also to safeguard the lives of the inmates,install IS mark ELCB on every electrical connection.


1. Avoid excess loading, do not use multiple equipments on a single point.
2. It can be hazardous, if bare wires are used for extending supply from one point to another point or from one premise to another premise.
3. Avoid loose connections and joints.
4. For theft of electrical power the guilty can be prosecuted & penalized with imprisonment.
5. Tampering with energy meters, meter seals or metering equipments is an offence.
6. Meddling with live wire/points could be hazardous.
7. Under the Indian Electricity Rules 1956, getting the wiring done by unauthorized persons is illegal.
8. Avoid using non-standard wires and wiring accessories and appliances.
9. The application must not be given to the Company staff, nor should be sent by ordinary post.
10. Once the payment advice is received instantly pay the security deposit and the service connection charges.
11. Buildings must not be constructed under High Tension or Low Tension Line without proper clearance.
12. Without proper sanction by DGVCL don't shift the meter or the meter board.