• •    The reason for an Electrical Accidents in city thickly populated area is a person or an animal come in live contact with the distribution box, transformer earthing or transformer centres. To reduce such type of incidents DGVCL has introduced a new project to provide a fencing at transformer centre so that no one can easily go near to transformer centre. Up till now DGVCL has fenced about 1194 Nos. Of Distribution Transformers in Urban and thickly populated area and due to this accidents occurred due to above reason is considerably reduced. DGVCL plans to fence all the Distribution Transformer Centre in City area and thickly populated rural area in the first phase and other remaining Transformers in the second phase.

    •    The other type of Accidents occurred were mainly due to snapping of Overhead bare HT / LT Conductors, kite flying during Uttarayan, due to construction work where iron rod touching with live wires etc. To prevent such type of occurrence, DGVCL has started replacing Overhead bare HT / LT Conductors by HT / LT Underground Cable, HT /LT Ariel Bunch Conductor and LT Coated Conductor. From April ‘2011 to October ‘2012, DGVCL has replaced almost 2371.00 Kms LT overhead bare conductor by LT Ariel Bunch Cable, 10.0 Kms. HT overhead bare conductor by HT Ariel Bunch Cable and 223.0 Kms. LT overhead bare conductor by LT Coated Conductor. DGVCL plans to replace LT overhead bare conductor by LT Ariel Bunch Cable in the thickly populated area in the first phase.