SCADA/DMS Project for Surat Town Project Area:

  •       GOI has implemented Re-structured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme (R-APDRP) during the XIth Five Year Plan as a Central Sector Scheme. MOP, GOI has appointed Power Finance Corporation as the Nodal Agency for implementing this program
          Under Part-A of this program, projects towns and cities with population of more than 4,00,000 & 350MUs annual input energy are eligible for SCADA/DMS system projects.

  •       Surat with area 197.41 Sq. Km, population 2811614 (as per 2001 census) and Annual energy input (financial year 2009-10) -Audited 664.03 MU being eligible DGVCL prepared detailed project report (DPR) with help of consultant M/S Kalki communications Technologies Ltd. Bangalore and submitted vide letter no. DGVCL/ITDRAPDRP/SCADA/12931 dated 13.10.2010 to the Power Finance Corporation with request for grant of financial assistance for setting up of the said Project for Surat Town area, involving a total estimated cost of Rs. 14.84 Crores (Rupees Fourteen Crores and Eighty Four Lakhs Only).

  •       PFC vide it’s letter no. 02:10:R-APDRP(SCADA):2010:DGVCL dated 21.12.2010 informed DGVCL that RAPDRP steering committee, constituted by GOI in its 21 meeting held on 8th December, 2010 considered the said project and sanctioned a loan of Rs. 14.84 Crore to be released through Power Finance Corporation as the Nodal Agency. A loan no. 19B38001 is created by PFC and a sum of Rs. 4,45, 20,000.00 is already disbursed by PFC on 16th March, 2011 against this loan number.

  •   Following for this project are to be carried out under Part B of RAPDRP Project: 1. Carry out related augmentation as informed in this DPR to be carried out in Part B for the SCADA/DMS system. The conversion from loan to grant this SCADA project will be depending on successful completion of such augmentation in Part B.

  • Major SCADA/DMS functions envisaged as a part of system are the following:

    i.     Network Connectivity Analysis (NCA)
    ii.    State Estimation (SE)
    iii.   Load Flow Application (LFA)
    iv.   Voltage VAR control (VVC)
    v.    Load Shed Application (LSA)
    vi.   Fault Management and System Restoration (FMSR)
    vii.  Loss Minimization via Feeder Reconfiguration (LMFR)
    viii. Load Balancing via Feeder Reconfiguration (LBFR)
    ix.   Operation Monitor (OM)
    x.    Distribution Load forecasting (DLF)

  •       All the above mentioned tasks will be operated from SCADA/DMS control center Surat. This project will help in energy accounting and make electricity distribution a profit making business enterprise. Also, reduce power cuts, erratic voltage and low or high supply frequency by optimally utilizing existing electric power and resource. Because the process is online, supply conditions given by the instant loading and voltage profile are effectively monitored, daily and monthly data are readily aggregated, and the energy flow is easily tracked to individual feeders.
          At present,civil work for SCADA control room is completed and further actions will be taken once SCADA implementing agency will be finalized.